Cat Litter Locker Pail II and Refills

Litter Locker II with Scoop, Side Holster for Scoop, and Refill Bag Ring

Litter Locker II; Scoop; Holster for Scoop (hangs on the side of Litter Locker); Refill Bag Ring

If you have a cat, the Cat Litter Locker Pail II will be something you’ll be glad you purchased.

No one likes to walk into anyone’s home and think to themselves…Cats live here! Don’t get me wrong, I love cats, but no one wants to live inside of a smelly bathroom. You want your home to smell like a home, not Fluffy’s litter box!

The Cat litter locker is well made and easy to use. You just clean the litter box as you normally would, then lift the lid of the Litter Locker and empty the scoop into the opening and close the lid. Then find the odor-lock handle located on the side of the Litter Locker. This section is opened by pressing on the tab on the top section of the handle. This releases the spring that keeps the odor lever pressed tight against the side of the Litter Locker to keep odors ‘locked’ inside the locker.

Step one: Empty waste into top of Litter Locker; Step two: Pull odor control lever out to let waste drop into bag; Step three: Close odor control lever

Once the odor lever is pulled out all the litter waste can fall into the bag below. Once the waste has dropped, push the odor locking lever back into place. This odor locking section is crucial in keeping any smells from exiting the Litter Locker.

To remove the full waste bag – Step One: Open Litter Locker and use built-in cutter to cut bag (leave enough of the bag to tie into a tight knot) – Tie waste bag and dispose of it.

The Litter Locker II refill is simple to install, just tear the plastic tab off the top of the ring, then pull out enough of the refill bag to knot at the bottom (make sure the knot is tight) then push the bag through the ring and pull enough out to reach the bottom of your Litter Locker.

How to install refill bag ring. Step one: Tear off opening tab; Step two: Pull bag out of ring; Step three: Push bag through ring from top and tie a tight knot at bottom of bag – Make sure bag is pulled down enough to reach bottom of litter locker; Step three: Open odor lever and let bag drop into Litter Locker. Refill bag ring will fit into the special storage area at top of Litter Locker.

The refill ring fits in the special slot made for it under the lid section. You will need to gently remove the whole lid section to find the refill section. Once the ring has been put into the proper place, pull the knotted section of the refill bag down past the odor locking section (Which should be pulled out so that the refill bag can be pulled all the way through. For two Cats, the refill ring can, on average, last between 4-5 weeks before needing to be replaced.

The Cat Litter Locker II can be used for the litter of any pet. Some people put their dogs waste bags into the litter locker to keep odors away till garbage day. Others use it for the waste from other pets that they have. The litter locker will prevent waste odor smells, from a variety of your household pets, from making any area unpleasant.


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